Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Egg Candle Sticks

I loved loved LOVED these Easter Egg Candlestick holders that JC's Loft made. I couldn't stop thinking about it the next day so off I went to Hobby Lobby...which I'll have to say isn't an unusual day for my dowel, round wooden plaques, and they had an adorable set of foam eggs already decorated. Then of course when I was at the dollar store I forgot to buy some short pillar candles, so I bought a set of 3 at Target...which wasn't was about $4.

So I got home, started my project and 2 weeks later with everything laid out over my kitchen counter for that long I FINALLY completed it....I swear I'm not doing too good in the procrastination department with my New Years Resolution!

Regardless, here's my finished project, again thank you so much JC's Loft for sharing your adorable idea. 

I finished up the project with some Easter paper I found at Scrapbook Barn and some ribbon I had laying around the house.

I just love the colors and it adds just another touch of subtle Easter decor to the house.


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