Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reward Jars

Well I had to try a new technique......so I saw these Incentive Jars from The Green Brae Cottage. I love the chalkboard paint, but decided to do mine a little different by painting the jars and using pre-painted wood pieces from Hobby Lobby to write their names on.

I wasn't crazy about how Treys name came out, I stickled over it and it made it look more gray......but Hey what can you do........at least its readable.

Trey's I painted like little Earths because that is his main interest right now so I thought I would captivate him with that. Michaela the 3yr old going on 16 is into anything fashion, pink and purple....well that was easy!

Here's the back view 

So the deal is they get a reward ball for anything noteworthy....not just picking up a toy, but doing it on their own initiative, trying new things, not complaining, listening the first time, helping someone out, doing a great job on homework, etc,etc....its really my own judgement call at the time. Today is the first day and they are enjoying the "clunk" sound when it goes into the jar....Treys at 2 and Michaela is at 1.......once they get to the top of the jar they get $5. I'm hoping it also helps them understand the money concept....we shall see!

Uh oh....I think I need to go remove a ball right now.....oh well.....but at least its a start and a visual reward idea which is important to a 6yr old and a 3yr old.

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  1. Oh they came out so cute! I love how you painted the balls to match their interests! Wonderful job. Please keep us posted on how it's working. When my three year olds filled up their jars this week they requested their rewards be a pack of gum, how easy are they!!