Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personalized Canvas Letters

My daughter's teacher is about to have her first baby so the moms from the class threw her a baby shower last week.  I had, of course, planned to make her something for the baby's room when I found out she was pregnant, so I had been chatting with her early on about the room colors and decor.  She really liked these personalized canvas letters at the Addilyneli Etsy Shop, so I offered to make something similar for her nursery in her style/colors.  I was happy with how they turned out and she was too :)...whew, relief!  

I had her pick out all of the paint colors and I sent her over to dafont.com to pick the font, which I downloaded for FREE.  The hardest part was deciding what colors to use where...I wanted to make sure there was a good balance of all the colors she picked.  Then I just painted all the backgrounds on 8x10 canvases, printed and cut out the letters at the size I wanted, traced them onto the canvases, and painted and outlined them.  The ribbon is attached to each canvas back using a staple gun.

This was my first go at canvas letters and the project was a lot of fun...once I got over the initial panic attack of committing to something I've never done before :).

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where's my Peeps?

Here's my latest Easter project.....I saw it somewhere last year and to be honest with you I can't remember where...its not my own idea for sure, even though this is the most simple project to do, I don't think I would've thought of it! :)

This project is so easy that I was able to do it this morning with a 3yr old, 6yr old, husband out riding his bike and an 8 week old puppy in my house! Now that is easy!

Here's what I used:

Small glass vase I purchased from Hobby Lobby
15 pack of Peeps (although I only used 10...hubby ate the rest!)
Old school jelly beans....why? Because I love old school ones.
4 silk flowers in spring colors
3 different ribbons, 1 around the base and 2 just tied in the front for decor
1 wooden painted flower from Hobby Lobby

Here's how it looks from the back, I just tied the ribbon around the center where the jelly beans meet the Peeps

Here's looking at you....

So simple and dresses up a room with Spring Fever

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ruffle Fabric Pillow

If you read my Ruffle Fabric T-shirt Dress post, you know that I ordered fabric for my daughter's dress at rufflefabric.com.  My original plan for her dress got squashed when she insisted on the pink sherbert looking ruffle fabric, but I had high hopes of changing her mind so I also ordered the charcoal gray fabric that I wanted.  Well she got her pink dress and I got a pile of gray ruffle fabric, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I don't have any big plans for the fabric yet, but I will :).  For now, I decided to use some of the fabric to pretty up what was going to be a plain recovered pillow...because everything's better with ruffles, right???

I started out with this fabric from IKEA...

and my ruffles from rufflefabric.com...

I cut my fabric 3 ruffle rows wide.  No need to finish the edges because this fabric doesn't fray!  I wanted the ruffles to be even more ruffly so I ruffled the ruffled fabric...does that even make sense?  To determine the length of the ruffle fabric, I estimated how many inches around the pillow would be (the diameter), and I used about double the length of ruffle fabric. 

did a quick hand stitch under the middle ruffle and scrunched the fabric.

Then I pinned my ruffle in place on the front and back of the pillow and sewed it down.  I just used a straight stitch right next to my hand stitch.  Once the ruffle is sewn on, remove the hand stitch.

Finish the pillow like normal...just make sure the ruffles are lined up on the front and back before you sew the 2 sides together.

I love how easy it was to add some prettiness to a plain pillow!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Got Luck?

Got Luck?

Well I'm Irish, 50% and I have to celebrate St. Patricks Day in some way with decor rather than just drinking green beer....so I decided to make a St. Patricks Day banner to hang in my front entry hall. I had a lot of fun doing it, it's just cut out using my Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge for the scalloped squares and then my All Mixed Up cartridge for the letters. I'll have to admit I'm addicted to the Mickey Mouse font cartridge, I had to tear myself away from using that one to "change up" the look a bit. Of course some ribbon, buttons, and flower embellishments were added, but this is quite plain in comparison to some of I've done in the past.

Here's some shots of it...which I'd like to add is not the easiest thing to do when it's a long banner and hanging in front of a mirror when I don't want to get myself in the picture as well....AND trying to keep the smudges from being in the shots! :)

Here's my artsy blurred out version below

Of course if we all have love in our life, then we sure our lucky aren't we?

If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you are lucky enough!

this blessed nest

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning???? Ok Spring decorating on the blog

Happy "almost" Spring...we've been working on a little decorating... E N J O Y

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And the winners are.........Stylish Blog Awards!

Hi there...Michele and I have been a little under the weather this past week. We received this Stylish Blog Award last week and then got hit with the bug, so we've had to put it off for a bit....but we graciously accept this award from Miss Lovie Creations and have had quite a time going through all the wonderful stylish blogs out there to award our 8. Here are the finalists that we thought are the most deserving.......and in order to accept this award here are a few rules to follow....if you've already received one consider yourself that much more stylish and as long as you've followed the rules then you are golden! :)

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 8 recently discovered stylish bloggers
4. Contact Bloggers and inform them of their awards

Blog #1

This is Kitty, shes quite the go getter, 1st year at law school and she felt she needed an outlet besides school to help her succeed. Thanks Kitty for choosing the blog and sharing your craftiness, we greatly appreciate it!

Blog #2

This is SJ she loves making drab into fab, like this dresser for instance. Go check out her blog and see the magic she created! Great job SJ!

Blog # 3

This is Jenny, she has an adorable blog to check out and this is one of the cutest St. Patrick Day decorations I've seen so far. Its so subtle that it can truly be left out year long, because aren't we always lucky?

Blog #4

You know you're all jealous of this great wrapping station that Lizzy created....I know we are! Great use of space Lizzy and don't we all love a little burlap???

Blog #5

This is Lynda, she has a challenge to create something everyday......all we can say is Lynda, keep em' coming because your talent is inspiring.

Blog #6

Well what else can we say but "Hello donut holes...of course! What a fantastic idea!".....Lauren has tried her course at cake pops and didn't catch the instruction part on freezing....ummmmm big part to miss...but love this idea doing the donut holes....hello they are already formed...so easy and saves a step! Great job!

Blog #7

Thanks Stacy for being "kinda crafty"...although we think you're very crafty. This girl is rocking the Silhouette like its going out of style. Look at this adorable banner she made. Cute colors, cute concept, just plain cute!

Blog #8

Ok need we say more? These are just so adorable, thank you Rachel for sharing these on your blog and great job on your Sun Scholar program. 

7 random facts about Coffee @ 3

1. We both have C.A.D. (Crafting Anxiety Disorders)..we can't stop having piles of projects to do and not enough hours in the day to complete them. We have a sneaky suspicion that this is not something we are alone in though.....just sayin' :)

2. We live 32 miles apart and met when we lived a stones throw away. We became super close after we moved further away from each other......does that hold true with the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"????

3. Our husbands ride/race mountain bikes together and go fishing...these equates to about 5-6 Man-cations a year that us as loving wonderful wives, support.....we're finally starting to do our share of woman-cations now.

4. We both have 2 kids....Michele has Ella who is 7 and Keston who is 4, Lauren has Trey who is 6 1/2 and Michaela who is 3 1/2.....yes this means that we both, unplanned of course, made it work out that each younger kid gets the older kids hand me downs...it couldn't of worked out more perfectly.

5. We both have redone our offices..that unfortunately our husbands think they need to use...but find we get our best work done on the granite kitchen counter tops....great lighting and great cutting surfaces! Both of our dreams are islands in our next craft rooms...and husbands are banned!

6. We both jumped into our blog with both feet and are so excited to be apart of this blogging world with you all, this is truly a unique community and it keeps getting better and better.

7. Lauren wants Michele to try and do Project Run and Play but Michele is hesitant.....Lauren is persistent as heck and thinks that you will soon see a post saying that she is going for it.........just a hunch ;)

Congratulations to all these fantastic bloggers! You rocked our socks off! Keep up the good work. Remember to follow the rules listed above. Of course if you are already a recipient of this award and completed all the steps then just take this as an additional pat on the back from Coffee At Three!