Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Abbey Bag - pin cushion/thread catcher

Here's my latest sewing project I did before Christmas to give as gifts to the sewing enthusiasts in my life.....its a Pin-cushion/Thread catcher.........and yes I did it all by myself with no assistance. I made 3 and I'm pretty proud of myself. I kept the first one for myself because it was..well.....the first one and was "rough" around the edges. I got the pattern from a local store called Scrapbooks Etc, the pattern is called "The Abbey Bag", then went home, rolled up my sleeves and got busy....heres the outcome.

Ok so its a pin cushion attached to a little bag...that I had to use fusible fleece and everything! Aren't you all impressed! :)

It required a "charm" pack of fabrics, but really if you have a bunch of cute coordinating fabric at home that'll work too. I just bought this because...well...heck thats what the instructions told me to do and I'm a rule follower! :)

Heres the inside of the bag...and even has a little pocket....I could stare at it all day I can't believe I made it, it was "sew" easy..pun intended

I have one myself too and I love that threads aren't dangling all over my table and floor now, its all in one convenient little bag that I can empty out. Such a great idea!

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