Thursday, January 13, 2011

So many crafts......

Cleaning out my office today.....heres a pile I made of all the "pending" projects on my goal is to finish all this before purchasing anything else...I have a plethora of craft materials to use and in my mission to be frugal and less clutter it is my goal to USE what I have, rather than buy more. So hard to resist...but I'm going to try my hardest!

1. Upcycle clothes
2. wreaths (how many does one need, really???)
3. redo old Christmas ornaments we made (new colors red/white). My tree years ago was brown and cream with birds....I dislike birds, what was I thinking?? Now its red/white candy cane theme which I'm IN LOVE WITH.
4. canvases to paint and decorate with fabric
5. Valentine decor...hey maybe to use on the wreath rings!
6. mini canvas totes...don't ask...impulse purchase
7. picture frames to do over
8. hangers for a fabric valance for my office I've yet to do
9. and the final and scariest one of all.....the roman shade pattern for my kitchen window

we made these with Stone Effects, sanding and craft paint, so much fun, now I just have to finish them by Christmas 2011...I think I can I think I can

Not sure if I like the top left one better or the bottom right...I'm bringing it up to Micheles this weekend so we can figure out everything I need to get going on it. Hopefully a future post, sooner than later! But I have to commit to a fabric choice...thats almost the hardest part!

Well anyway, had to share, this is only the craft projects, I have tons to do as far as home decor around the house, and hopefully those posts will be sooner than later as well!!

Too late for coffee now I'll be up until dawn....maybe a glass of wine.....

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