Monday, December 27, 2010

Upcycle dress

Upcycle Dress 

Ever since I saw this Upcycled dress by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar I was just dying to try it. I'm not the most professional sewer out there, learning as I go, so honestly this project turned out to be perfect for me!

I gathered all the old t-shirts in my house...I had to buy 1 for the top because I didn't have one that would fit my niece (I was making the dress for her for Christmas). Got some fabric paint and fabric pens, then got busy on my color scheme and design. I found an iron-on that I must've bought a while back and tossed in the drawer that says "Eco-fashionista" so it couldn't of been more perfect for this project. A little t-shirt flower rosette, hot-glued to some felt with a safety pin so it can be removed and it was done! 

I'll be honest, my only huge fear was the A-line cut....there wasn't too much to go off of on the post, so I had to make my own "executive" decisions. I just sewed them all together in a straight line, then I sewed the sides on an A-line and cut off the excess......heres to hoping it makes it through the wash! :) Regardless it was a hit on Christmas morning and I hope to make another one for my daughter soon, it was so simple.

Here's one showing the close-up of the iron-on and the rosette flower

and heres the last with the details on the "outside" stitch

Hope you have fun if you decide to make one, it was really quick and easy!


  1. Awwww! That looks awesome! I LOVE it! Thank you SO much for sharing this with me. Great work!


  2. Cute Dress! Can you tell me how the stretch is. Does the part that is stripped stretch at all. Just wondering if it was hard to get it over her head. Thanks

  3. Thanks, it has a great stretch since its all cotton (worn) t-shirts. The top shirt is just a cut old navy shirt so it's a typical stretch over the head. It's A lined so is very movable.