Sunday, November 28, 2010

School Stocking - Reindeer games

My son got a felt stocking from his school that we were told to decorate with glitter, buttons, random stuff laying around the house.........well who am I fooling, I couldn't just do something's my quick "decor" for his stocking to turn in tomorrow.......I'm thinking the teacher will know who's project it REALLY was..... :)

I was inspired to do this reindeer from the Scrapbooks Etc Magazine website, they had used plastic candy canes to do a little ornament...

items used:

Felt stocking (supplied by the school)
candy cane striped cotton fabric (pinking shears and gathered in the middle)
hot glue
brown yarn (tied into a pom pom ball)
2 google eyes
1 red ball
piece of ribbon for his tie 
green felt for the letters (used Mickey Mouse font from Cricut to trace the letters onto felt)

Well did I go overboard or what for a school stocking??? I couldn't help myself

Close up.....

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