Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burlap ruffle trees

Here's our rendition of  Burlap ruffle Christmas trees we saw on .

We used 2 different tree bottoms, one was a jelly jar filled with candies and the other was a glass jar filled with little ornaments. The example was with a candlestick holder, but we changed it up a bit.

items used:

Styrofoam cones
fabric (cotton, burlap and ribbon) *we did a bias stitch on the fabric to ruffle then hot glued on (low temp)
Hot glue gun
Finial or wreath stick for the top...whatever you use make sure it'll cover the very top ruffle so nothing is exposed

Ta-da.....our finished creations!


  1. cute take on the shanty2chic ruffle tree! great job :)

  2. thanks everyone...we loved the Shanty2chic trees...and now I've seen a new one they just many projects so little time! :)--Lauren