Sunday, January 15, 2012

Round and round I go...

Yes its been a million years since I've posted, BUT my goal is to be more active on the blog. I can foresee most of the posts from me being about my total home makeover. I have big plans on a budget.

  • Finish painting my ENTIRE house...yes I said ENTIRE phew!!!
  • refinish my kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets, and 2nd bathroom cabinets phew!!!
  • Paint 3 different wood art products...darn Pinterest they have my project list about 1000
  • make pillows
  • make curtains
  • slipcover a chair
  • refinish about 4 pieces of furniture
  • make a duvet for my bedroom....ok maybe I'll buy that one, heck TJ Maxx is so stinkin' affordable
Those are what I consider low monetary projects, now onto my list of "saving money and begging husband" projects:

  • sliding barn door into our "office" which I want to switch into a simple clean straight desk, flat screen and pull out it becomes an office/kids room/guest room
  • pull out my kitchen island and redesign it
  • knock out the windows in my living room and have a sliding wall put in
  • new outdoor furniture
  • totally overhaul my backyard to make it more entertaining friendly
Ok after all is said and done, that is not ALL of my wish list but a big part of it. I am in the midst of painting the entire house now, as you can see thats only #1 on my "affordable" list so far, I've got a long way to go. My husband and I stopped by the Bicycle Graveyard out in Rye, AZ and bought these old rims (let me add my husband is a HUGE Mountain Biker so the biking theme was a subtle hobby decor)

Here they are....I love them!

These were bought in November, with Christmas and all they just sat until now, I've finally got one wall all painted so my husband went to town today and did a lot of my "honey do" projects...this being one of them. So he got some REALLY long screws and hung them on the wall for me. This may not be for everyone but for me...well I'm super happy with it. Once I move the furniture back and incorporate my decor colors....turquoise, tangerine, cream and brown I'm going to paint a few of them, but for now they are truly rustic.

The blue tape line next to it is for some wall art I want to do, ummmm thats down on my affordable list somewhere :)

See how rustic they really are???

Anyway it was easy to get hubby to do all the work today because if it has to do with a bike then he is in heaven....hmmmm I wonder how I can incorporate a bike into fixing the leaking toilet????

Well it feels good to be back and posting again, see you on #2 of my "Affordable" list!


  1. I love it! I have a biker hubby, too, and he would totally get a kick out of this! Nice to see you posting again! :)

  2. Thanks Whitney, it feels good to be back, too long of a hiatus for me and I'm ready to share my house makeover adventures