Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcycle dress Take 2

Well here I am again, Upcycle dress #2.....my brother in laws niece liked the first one I made so I thought I would make one for her. This one kinda threw me for a loop because A.) I didn't know how tall she was or had a visual (she lives in another state) and B.) I'm used to short stuff and she's 10, so this was visually hard for me to see if it was looking cute or overly done with the tie-dye. 

The tie-dye I thought was a special element because this was made for my husband by his sister a couple years back, but the shirt doesn't fit him any longer, so I put it in the bin to upcycle...since this is her niece I felt that it would be a special contribution to the dress as well.

The rosettes hanging at the top are a headband, I got really into the t-shirt rosettes as you can tell! :)

This I made into a pin so she can move it around

Here's a close up of the tie-dye, isn't it awesome?! She did such a beautiful job, I'm so glad that I got to use it for part of this dress.

Hopefully the little gal likes it....she has triplet 5yr old sisters.....hmmmmm maybe they'll want some too!! My husband better hold on tight to his t-shirts!! I guess I better bust one out for my daughter, shes been wondering where hers is. :)

Happy Upcycling!

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