Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From Drab to FAB!!

My daughter goes to a fabulous preschool and every couple of weeks she has to wear her Chapel shirt at school...well last year it was purple...it was just a t-shirt, but at least it was purple. This year its beige......yes beige...she's 4 and she loves to sparkle...so a beige boring t-shirt just wasn't cutting it for her...or me, lets be honest. So I found this awesome tutorial from Recycled Lovelies on how to jazz up a drab shirt.

Ok so it was seriously so easy it took me not even 5mts. 

Here's the t-shirt before

Ok see?? No offense, but a little drab for my fashionista

So I turned it inside out, picked a side to do the cinching on, got a scrap of fabric and a long piece of a coordinating ribbon, then sewed 3 straight lines on either side of the ribbon and then in between where the ribbon folds. 

Here's the shirt on the front after I had sewn the lines before pulling the ribbon to cinch it. The lines really aren't too big of a factor, I happened to have beige thread in my machine but I was going to sew with whatever was in there because it was 9p and I was just too tired to be honest with you, I thought I had scored having the right color thread but after you cinch it it really doesn't matter.

And here it is....so tomorrow she will be rocking chapel in her new cinched chapel shirt and some coordinating leggings....well don't forget a cute hairstyle and shoes too! :)

I'm telling you, I'm doing this with my Old Navy ribbed tank tops this summer, it'll make a boring tank into a cute boutique inspired shirt. 

Seriously! SEW easy.................pun TOTALLY intended.

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