Monday, October 10, 2011

Clay spiders

I've loved these clay spiders since I saw them in the October 2010 issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. Magazine.

I made the lollipop last year, but I'll be honest these little guys just stole my heart, so I had the little one leftover from last year and decided to make the momma to go with it. This is so easy to do and adds a little flair to your decor on a shelf. I aged them with glaze, otherwise as you will see below you can keep them a deeper black and the eyes bright white. 

This is my favorite baking clay to use....beware though...the little ones think this is candy!

So basically it comes in 4 bars, to make the big spider I used 2 for the body, but for the little guy I used 1, then the remaining 2 bars I cut into 6 pieces and rolled out for legs (yes I know spiders have 8 legs, but this is how it works best, 8 legs on this guy just is too crowded :) ).

So basically just 3 legs per side, I pressed the top in and then folded it down to make little feet. Then I put the spiders in a glass baking dish at 275 degrees for 15mts.

See the pix below how stark white the eyes are? I wanted the spider more aged......

The very tiniest dab of paint added to the medium helps give it an aged look. Wait until the spiders are completely dry from the oven before you paint.

Heres my lollipop with the spider attached. I think I might make more, I bought like 4 of these Bake Shop clay packs, it literally took me all of 20mts to do. This is very kid friendly as well! 


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