Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute and Simple Gift Idea

It seems like I am often needing a little gift for one thing or another and then I find myself scrambling for something at the last minute.  The last time I was in this predicament I just happened to be at Trader Joe's grabbing some grocery items.  My plan was to get what I needed there, and then probably go from place to place to place trying to figure out what to get for a gift (but who wants to do that when it's 110 degrees outside)???  Then I came across their bar soaps...I had seen them several times before but never thought to use them as gifts.  So I grabbed one of each 'flavor' (Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Green Tea) and hit the check out line!

All I had to do was stack them up (I added a piece of double stick tape between each bar to prevent them from slipping), wrap them with some coordinating ribbon...

...and print out a little tag on my computer.  Super easy!

The soaps are just over 3 bucks each and they smell so good!  Mine was for a birthday but it would make a great little hostess gift too...without breaking the bank!

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